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heart pounding as fast as the
thoughts running on my mind
some beads of sweat & some of my tears
where’s my breath? Can’t find…

what’s that? just a hand on my chest
whose hand? is it mine?
who am I & who’s that someone looking at me…
telling me, “it’s gonna be fine”

i see a mirror but it’s not clear
there’s someone standing just like me
is it my face, my body, my hair?
why is she asking me to flee?

why does the world around
seem so black & white? …

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

Your heart was my home
For a very long time
It exuded a sense of belonging
Like nothing else ever before
I stayed there for as long as I could
Till that home started falling apart
Its foundation, exhibiting its crooked parts
It tested my patience, strength, and love
Till I became so numb
The walls started crumbling in
Finally, I couldn't help but succumb.
I thought it’d be the only place I’d ever live
I thought it’d be that sublime
But then I busted my cupid’s bubble
By realizing that people change places
All the fudging time
The more I’d stay there
The harder I’d get hurt
For the bricks of warmth were tumbling over
And the…

Photo by Charlie Foster on Unsplash

I can’t walk with you in this life
But darling, don’t fear
I can fly with you tonight
I can’t hold your hands right now
But I can feel your touch, so tight

I can’t hear your words today
But they are echoing in my head
It remembers your voice & what you say
I can’t look at you this morning
Or many mornings till we meet again
On the other side of this plain
But why is that
Every person I meet
Or every face I see
Reminds me of how you used to be?

There is so much…

Photo by Til Jentzsch on Unsplash

There was a time I told you
I’d love you at all times
unconditionally — with all my breaths
but maybe then, I loved myself a little less…

I said I’d love you even if you didn’t
but isn’t love supposed to be heaven and not a sin?
I said I’d stick by even if you scream
and I cry
I do not know if I was stupid or naive
or maybe I too needed you to survive
but if I loved you because I needed you
wasn’t it conditional after all?

what is love, anyway?
does love mean loving someone

Navya Gupta

I am a 100-year-old soul stuck in the body of a 20-something… Connect with me on Instagram - unwor_d

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